About me

As management experience I have had before was with my father and his business work. He still owns apartments which are typically for renting depend on type of qualified customers and selecting the price of each apartment. My job was as recipients setting in the front service desk and working a lot to have large number s of customers. For a management experience, I was so close to my father and seeing him manage his business. He sets the prices for each apartment depends on the size, monitor employees to get their work done perfectly, providing him daily and quick report in how is the business going on indicating how many customers we have in the day have rented. They are notified to have him all recent receipts of money deposit. I learned how he is strict some times in cleaning situations after noticing spots or areas in the apartments are in cleaning careless. I learned when he recognizes the best time to hire more workers when the golden seasons come up to tell him this is opportunity time for doubling the profit. The best skills of management have been shown to me as I realized the responsibility and rules commitment to promote successful business. If I might guess how much effort I have spent to market the apartments for my father, and then would be more than what I imagine right now. One of management skills is quality of services has been presented to customers by me, I was reviewing the high type of services we have offered to them such as cleaning rooms every three days, which in other places not offered, two workers serve customers to carry stuff out like baggage’s to their apartments’ and like that. So it is so much fun in the main time of work and making relationships with the customers so far in the future. This job opens my mind for business and how really I manage the goods I have. It is experience is going to gain me a lot of advantages in the future to real potential management.

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